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Juila Frazier - Daisy's on Main, Oil on Canvas 12" X 16"

Juila Frazier

Julia Frazier, a Crealdé fellow in the Painting and Drawing department, lives in Orlando. She is interested in depicting the passage of time over landscapes, as captured in the movement of light and shadow. Daisy’s On Main is a charming building that occupies the corner of Main Street in Winter Garden. Its history is interwoven with the railroads that played an important role in central Florida’s heritage. “Daisy’s on Main” was painted on location and was shown in the the “Winter Garden in Plein Air” exhibition in March of 2009.

Beverlee Ahlin - “Sea Ice Coral”

Beverlee Ahlin

“Sea Ice Coral”

Crealdé’s Continuing Watercolor Class - Lamar Spaulding, Anne Marie Colwell, Maureen Nagler, Meg Baldwin, Ann Higbie, Patrice Abufaris, Laura Miller

Donne Bitner

Lamar Spaulding, Anne Marie Colwell, Maureen Nagler, Meg Baldwin, Ann Higbie, Patrice Abufaris, Laura Miller- “Homage to David Reese” - Group painting. Donne loved David Reese's painting which was on a poster for a past Winter Park Autumn art show and divided it up and gave each artist one piece. They then had to transfer it to a prearranged size paper and paint it. Everyone's individual style shows up even though they all had the same picture to work from.

Trish Thompson - “Small Meditation” 10 X 8 abstract mixed media

Trish Thompson

"Small Meditation" 10 X 8 abstract mixed media From Donne Bitner's collection

Evelyn S. Martinez - “Frog likes apple” Acrylic, 13 X 13

Evelyn S. Martinez

Evelyn has been painting for as long as she can remember. She is greatly influnced by her Puerto Rican Heritage and is inspired by everything from fine art to the culinary arts. In fact she co-owned and was chef at the restaurant El Coqui Mexicano, with her husband Rico. Evelyn’s frogs are el coqui, the native tree frog of Puerto Rico. Each one is different (there about 150 species that are very small…about ½”) but they all sing. Her love of nature inspires her work and with her love of painting and creating images she paints landscaping, cartoons, signage and abstract design.

Evelyn S. Martinez - "Frog and the Papaya" Acrylic, 13 X13
Henry Sinn - “Driving Through Provence on a Rainy Day” Triptych - Oil on Wood Panel and mixed media 7”H X 28”W

Henry Sinn

Henry is Department Head of Painting and Drawing At Crealdé School of Art. He began exhibiting his work after he graduated from Rollins College and has held 12 solo shows in Orlando area, Houston and Atlanta. he also partiipated in a three-person show at Orlando Museum of Art. He created a floor mosaic at the 4th Airside Terminal at the Orlando International Airport entitled “Field of Ferns” that measures 17 by 94 feet.

Claudia Thomas- “Casa Feliz Bell” Oil on canvas, 24” X 18”

Claudia Thomas

laudia is inspired by the natural effects of sunlight in the landscape and works quickly to capture the fleeting shadows and subtly changing colors throughout the day. Portraying the landscape creates a reverence for the symmetry and beauty of nature. Her work is oil on canvas painted in a realistic impressionistic style. She has a BA degree from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL and while there, had the opportunity to study art history in Italy for four weeks. She traveled extensively and visited Art museams all over Europe and the US. See more of her work.

Liz Kitchens - ”Eye Candy” Polmer clay, 15” X 10”

Liz Kitchens

Many artists refer to themselves as “fine artists”. I prefer to call myself a “fun artist”. Liz’s version of art emphasizes joy and fun, through the use of color and whimsical sculptures. These sculptures – her “ideaLizms” often take the form of social commentary and word play. Liz is a potter by training and for years,has created pottery on the wheel and out of slabs. She has created several of her ideaLizms out of clay slabs filling them with polymer clay fashion accessories, political symbols, food, art, and other objects from every day life. Her Website.

Steve Lotz - "Dream Boxes" acrylic paint and collage on paper

Steve Lotz

This work comes from a large group of similar sized works on paper which Steve produced during the past few months. Steve is well known for metaphorical paintings of sensuous, unfolding biomorphic forms and figures. He was raised in California and educated at UCLA, the University of Florida, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria, He joined the charter faculty at UCF (then FTU) and chaired its Art Department during the university’s formative first ten years. During his 35 year professorship he also taught drawing and painting and, for four years, directed UCF’s art gallery.